Tuesday, July 3

I am getting my hair cut.

It is much to shaggy.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking long bangs, shorter hair (obviously shorter, because i am getting it cut. Cut = shorter.)

But I have no specifics.



jessica.angela. said...

I say...cut it like Alice's hair, but get bangs!!! not the fake bangs, REAL bangs!! (:

joanna (: said...

i say not real bangs. if real bangs means Melissa Cripe 3rd Grade bangs, then no. (:

i also say, i suck at choosing hairstyles so do not consult me.

kaylarayla said...

Bangs can go either way...look at a magazine and see if you like anything!

Mel East said...

bangs ofcourse then cut just a tad bit of the ends