Tuesday, July 31

Ohhhh I'm so embarrassed.

I got my graduation picture in the mail today.....

SOOOOO ugly. I look pained and stressed and fake. Mostly because I had to try to be beautiful whilst it was sweltering.
Plus, you can see my stylish farmer's tan.
I know, I'm gorgeous.


Shannon said...

you should buy it. remember my ugly senior picture?

jae.jae said...

Oh cutiee.

Chris.tine said...

Farmers Tan is cool now!

Pshh. It is totally the new style. Almost everyone has it already!

Marta :] said...

it looks like mr.grahm made an embarassing comment that was supposed to be funny and your trying your hardest to look like you thought it was funny

Anonymous said...

I think you're beautiful. I see not the Farmers Tan of which you speak. I perceive not the strained look you are self-conscious about. I only see my beautiful, angelic Heather with a glow of heaven frolicking about her face. Hear the angels? [choral anthem] "Tra-laaaaaaaaahhhh"

Your Mother Who Never Comments On Your Blog But Thinks It's Wonderful