Saturday, June 23

FrEsHmAn FrEnZy!

Sadly, I took zero pictures, so hopefully my description is enough to tell the tale well.

9:00- Arrive and check in. I was on the Green Team, with Nathan Styffe and Brock McNeff as our noble leaders. There was only three girls- me, Kristen Blogg, and Taylor Keefer.
9:30- Play games. I took part in Trout Toss, where you hold a raw fish in your mouth and fling it as far as you can. I lost.
10:00- Team games around the Saddleback Campus.
12:30- Laser Tag! You had to have a codename, and mine was Stone Cold Fox. I got 12th place.
1:30- Bowling. I got last place.
3:30- Roller skating at a roller rink. Very, very fun. Very, very hot.
6:30- Dinner and frolicking at Altisima Park, my homeland.
8:00- Kill Ball at LA Fitness. EXTREMELY fun. Taffy. You are very hilarious.
10:00- HOME!

I am now officially....A FRESHMAN.


Marta :] said...

awww sounds fun i wish i would have gone

joanna (: said...


ali said...

ah it was so fun...welcome to high school!

jennifer said...

well my neighbor works on the set so i got to go and meat all ofd the actors hhahahaha and thats pretty much it my friend