Monday, June 25

Dear Little Jack and Parker

Where have I been for the past day?

Why, helping my sister babysit Jack James and Parker Ash Hutchinson, of course.

Jack is so fun. When we were at the pool, he pointed to the filter and said "Do you know what this says Heather?" "What Jack??" "It says 'No Dumping, Drains to Ocean.'"
1. He can't read.
2. The filter had no words on it. And it didn't drain to the ocean.
It was quite hilarious.
When he was sitting in the Jacuzzi with a rather solemn look on his face, I came over and asked if he was sad. "Yeah," he said. "Why?" said Heather. "Because...(sigh) my parents are gone." "Oh, Jack, but you'll have SO much fun with Shannon!" "Yeah...(sigh) but I like you better." My heart melted! It was adorable!

And Parker. Little, darling Parker Ash (yes, his middle name is Ash. Adorable.) His smile and giggle would light up the whole world. His constantly running nose would also make the world puke. But that was his only flaw. Other than green boogers, he was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Everything he did was comical and simply adorable.

Parker and Jack! I adore you so much!


kaylarayla said...

I love Jack, he is so great!

Anonymous said...

awww i want to meet them!

Elise B. said...

Haha, I babysat Jack once...isn't he awesome?!?!