Saturday, June 23

Last Day of School

It started out with the LAST Morning Announcements EVER!
Our whole crew
Zeinah and I
At snack there was a Sweet Cream (the teacher band) concert + the RSM Idol finalists. This girl thinks she is SO good and SO sexy...but, sadly, she's not.Mr. Giraud! I'll miss you!Frets Fallman

After we had a celebration at Michael's house. I discovered that I and pretty good at Guitar Hero. On Easy.
This is Michael. He is pro. He has a candy counter in his house.
It is SO weird that school is out. I feel like I will wake up on Monday and go to school with the same group of people that I have been with for the past 2 years.
...But I won't.

All of my BEST friends are going to Trabuco, thankfully, but some (like Michael) are going to Mission, which is the only thing I am really sad about.
Of course, I am a little sad to leave RSM forever...the past two years literally FLEW by. I wish I had embraced each day more.

My advice to seventh, now eighth graders...cherish junior high. Cherish your friends and your school. You will truly miss it when you have to leave!

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