Saturday, June 2

Semi-Eventful Fun

{the mission} A graduation dress for me.
{the people} Shannon and Heather.
{the places}
Out of Vogue- adorable thrift shop in Fullerton.
[results] Shannon: 1 dress, 1 pin. Heather: 0
Buffalo Exchange- another thrift store.
[results] Shannon: 1 pair of jeans. 1 item I don't remember. Heather: 0
Random Boutique- VERY pushy salesman.
[results] Shannon: 0. Heather: 0.
Nordstrom's- didn't have my size in any of the adorable dresses. Will go back tomorrow.
[results] Shannon: Buying 2 headbands tomorrow. Heather: 0. you can see, nothing really worked out. But Shannon and I still had fun, and even tried something new- Applebee's. We discovered one in Brea. It was delicious. Funny story right after we had received our drinks:
Waiter (different one that Drink Waiter.)- Can I get you something to drink?
Shannon- Um. They are right here.
Waiter- Oh, haha. What can I get for you to eat?
Shannon- We're going to share the...Chicken Celebration.
Heather-...she means Confetti Chicken.

Chicken Celebration? Where did that come from? We had discussed this entree with Drink Waiter, talked about it...said the word Confetti Chicken at least 4 times. I have no clue where Chicken Celebration came from.

You had do be there. But I hate saying "You had to be there." It makes the reader feel so insignificant. But maybe everyone understands this funny situation and that comment is unnecessary.

I have just been informed that Shannon's boyfriend Nate offered to make me a dress! What a sweet thing! Problem solved (maybe?).

...Does anyone know any great dress stores?


Alli Hibb said...

I like to buy dresses at Anthropologie...

Why not try H&M at the Spectrum? They have great dresses too!

Kaylarayla said...

I got my graduation dress at Windsor in the Spectrum...and it was a pretty good price. But H&M is cute too!

joanna (: said...

I got mine at Angl at the Spectrum.
It was a reallly good price, and they have a lot of dresses