Tuesday, June 19

"Heather is Really Stupid" Moment

I am still importing some rad CD's into my iTunes.
I was trying to play the new songs...but it wouldn't come out of the speakers.
I make sure the plugs are all connected.
It still doesn't work.
Carson moseyed over.
He turned up the computer volume.
It still didn't work.
He walked away.
I asked him to come back.
He didn't.
My mom told him to come back.
He didn't.
Jason came over.
He didn't know what was wrong.
I made Carson come back.
He sat down.
He opened iTunes.
He slid the volume up.
....my music started playing.
All that fuss.
For something as simple as turning up the iTunes volume.
Good one, Heather.

1 comment:

Christine said...

That has happened to me SO many times