Saturday, June 23

Knott's Berry Farm!

Last Friday was beyond expectations. The whole 8th grade went to a little place I like to call


Zeinah and I were originally going to be LAME and go to the beach instead...but thank goodness we didn't. There was the ever popular rumor that you only get to go on about 2 rides, but NAY. We went on many. By we, I mean my little group of Melissa, Rachel, Danya, Zeinah, and Michael (henceforth referred to as Fron, for that is his nickname.)Lesson Learned: It is not the amount of rides you go on or the length of the lines that matters. What truly matters is who you are with while on those few rides and in those long lines.

....Alright, done with sentimental time.

Knott's, Knott's, Knott's, I love you, you, you.

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Anonymous said...

I see that Mel is doing the sexy ruffle. nice.