Monday, June 4

I guess I'm popular??

I know. WEIRD.

This new 7th grade girl who I barely know, I just showed her the PE Office one time, called me over to her in the locker room.
"Do you want to vote for the most popular person in the school?"

"Oh, I don't really classify people as popular and unpopular."

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm going to vote. How do you spell your last name?"

"" (she writes down my name and puts it in her little folder of votes.)

"Oh. Thanks?"

"You're welcome. You already have, like, 16 votes."

"Really? That's weird."

"No. A lot of people think your popular."

I am bewildered. This is news to me. Since when was I popular? I am probably the geekiest person in my school.

Today the girl updated me: I have 26 votes...BIZARRE?!! AND...the results are going to be in the school newspaper?? Alright? Whatever??

I by no means categorize people into little groups of social status. I don't know why people thing I am popular. I'm not.

So guys, you are very fortunate. You are friends with one of RSM's most popular people. (????)


jessica.angela. said...

wow...i am honored.

ali said...

if i went to rsm, i would vote for you another 26 times! too bad i'm three years too old.

Elise B. said...

yay me! you could be a really nice popular person and reinvent this whole idea of 'popularness'

did she tell you who voted for you?

joanna (: said...

Popular = Well Liked.

Heather Leith = Well Liked.

Heather Leith = Popular???

poncho said...

I do not blame these people, I would vote for you for most popular any day.