Sunday, June 17

Hooray for new songs on iPod!

ATTENTION: The Zelda songs are officially gone from my iPod. That's right. They were just taking up valuable space that could be used for better the ones I put on it today.

I stealthily stole some of Melissa's CD's last night at her party- literally. While she was not watching, I ran out of her room with them and put them in my bag. I don't know why...she would have let me borrow them anyway. I guess I just like action.

ANYWAY. My iPod is now a proud holder of...
+ Daniel Powter
+ Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
+ Five for Fighting
+ Dreamgirls
+ Renee Olstead
+ Sugarhill Gang (Rapper's Delight)
+ Mat Kearney
+ Natalie Grant



rachel kalei. said...

i'm going to find a way to stealthily steal them from your house when you aren't there. i know where you keep your hidden key...

joanna (: said...

I demand you to bring me Dreamgirls so that I can put them stealthily on my iPod. Then, I shall stealthily slip the CD into Melissa's bag when I am done. Capische?

E.Money said...

hooray for good music!!! :)

Annie Summers said...

I love Renee Olstead! I am listening to her right now! You have very good tatse!