Saturday, June 23








BADDDD sunburn.

It started out at 7:00, when JP, our C-Group leader, came over to do our hair and make-up. She is such a gem. She is a Senior, and she had her graduation that night, but she still came over bright and early to be with us!Lovely.
My mother insisted on about 20 different poses...this is "Crazy."This is "I am a Graduate. I am dignified. I am leaving Junior High and venturing into Adulthood." (Notice Joanna's depressed face.)
This is "HOORAY! WE ARE GRADUATING!"Let me just tell you this- graduation was miserable, for the most part, because all I could concentrate on was how I was about to faint and how I was really thirsty and trying to keep myself conscious. No joke. My friend Jessica and I fully SAT on the astroturf grass, under the shade of the chair in front of us, because it was so incredibly hot. Then we realized that it was a formal graduation, and we were sitting on the ground. No one really noticed though. We didn't care, because it was SOO hot.But I don't think you understand the heat. It was BEYOND anything I have ever experienced. It was like I was in a 475 degree oven, but I was supposed to be prim and proper and remain composed.

PLUS, I have a fainting problem, plus all I had for breakfast was a didn't work out.

PLUS Mr. Graham, the creepy principal, started crying during his speech. It was kind of heartwarming, yet, knowing Mr. Graham, really odd.

And THEN "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLaughlan, the saddest song ever, was what we walked out to, so everyone was SOBBING.

But it was actually quite happy at the same time, and quite relieving.

Notice this "After" it to one of the top ones. We were miserable with sweat, heat, and messed up hair.
My brothers REALLY wanted to take a picture with Mr. Graham (as a semi-joke) we did.
After, we went to BJ's. I think this is an adorable picture.I will TRULY miss RSM...the campus, the friends, the teachers...

the memories.


ali said...

two things...
you looked your dress!
the last picture is the cutest family picture ever...if you were in it, it would be the most perfect picture.

heather.christianne said...

unfortunately, i was in the bathroom wiping pollen off of my face.

jessica.angela. said...

I liked your dress when you posted only the dress...

I love it when it's on you!!

*Dear BJ's, I love you..Your amiga, Jessie

Anonymous said...

that was the most ridiculous scenario that i'v ever been through

Maddie! said...

what i want to know is what were you doing that made you get pollen on your face?

Anonymous said...

hahahah i look like a gorilla
and i love jameson and his tie.
weeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 j dawg