Sunday, June 17


Wow. My gang and I are getting pretty skilled at throwing SURPRISE bashes. Yesterday it was the Melissa Going Away party.

My Job: The Distractor. She came over to my house while everyone else was setting up at hers. She suggested that we go over to her house...which was perfect, because it was the appointed time that I was supposed to casually suggest that we go to her house- "my house was boring." So my mom drove us over. I was frantically trying to call Joanna to tell her that we were going to be there in a couple seconds- but Melissa was in the car next to what would she think if I told someone on the phone that I would be at her house in 30 seconds? It was extremely tough...but I succeeded with gusto. She was in AWE. We did pretty fabulous at tricking our little darling Melissa.

Key moment of the night: A dance instructional tape from the early 90's, maybe even late 80's. There was this extremely odd Asian man-woman, and he had weird hair that was parted down the middle and curled in. We all took park in learning the YMCA, Hustle, Electric Slide, Sexy Hokey Pokey, Hands Up (Gimme Gimme Your Heart), the Train Song, the Money Song (one cent on the left, five cents on the right, 10 cents in the back, a dollar in the front) and more. In the background of the video, there were all these people who were aspiring dance stars, thinking that this tape was their Big Break into fame. One of these backgrounders was this EXTREMELY "into it" man- I'm talking extreme pelvic thrusts, bizarre facial expressions, and pumping arms and legs. How I aspire to meet him.

Melissa....I will miss you so much. You mean the world to me.


joanna (: said...

We be skilled.

Marta :] said...

that night was so much fun

i have to say the trian was my favorite

Maddie! said...

ughh im so mad! i wish i couldve gone! i was supposed to and then we were in san diego and my parents didnt want to leave. but im glad you guys had fun and it seems like melissa appreciated it :)