Monday, February 19

Childhood Memories Numero Uno

Does this picture bring any childhood memories to mind?

Ah, the DoodleBear. I used to have so many hours of fun with this plush toy. If you are not aware of the wonders of the DoodleBear, allow me to inform you.

The DoodleBear came with four markers and some stampers. You could color and stamp the DoodleBear to your heart's desire. Then, you throw it in the wash, and it comes out clean, ready for some more coloring and stamping FUN.

I have such amazing memories with the DoodleBear. Then, it disappeared off the market.

But the other day, I saw a commercial for the newly updated DoodleBear!


Does anyone else have memories with the DoodleBear?

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FLOWERCHILD :] said...

no. you are alone in this one.