Friday, February 2

I am PLUM!

***which fall color fits your personality? ***

Romantic Plum

It's the color of poetry and old-fashioned romance--and it's all you this fall! Plum fits your quiet-and-classy personality perfectly. As a deep thinker, you like to show off your intellectual side while still looking feminine and flirty. A deep, muted purple will turn people on to your skills as a great conversationalist and listener. On your next shopping spree, look for a lacy plum dress and purple tights. Embracing your inner poet will bring romance right to your front door.

which fall color fits your personality?

So. You heard it here. I am PLUM. Supposedly I have a quiet-classy personality... I DON'T THINK SO. Deep thinker? INTELLECTUAL SIDE? I don't think I have one. But I will say that I AM a "great conversationalist and listener." Lacy plum dress and purple tights?? Look out world!

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