Wednesday, February 28

Big News...

I am not going to be in Fiddler on the Roof anymore. There are many reasons for this. Allow me to inform your inquiring mind.

Point A My mom got a call today saying that they noticed that I went to the 14-18 year old rehearsal. We figured since I will be 14 by the end of the show, I could go...but noooo. I have to go to the little kid rehearsal on a different day. My pet peeve is being the oldest in something...and in every activity I do I am the oldest with all these little kids. This would be the case.

Point B My madre would not be able to transport me to Biola once a week. We had a carpool all set so my mom would never have to drive...but it wouldn't work out if we were going to the little kid rehearsal, because we would have no carpool!

Point C I have done this play before. It is long and not fun. I mean, it's certainly not's just not fun.

Point D I am ensemble. Going through all the above things PLUS being just's just not worth it.

I'm not really sad at all. Yeah, it would have been fun, but it's not worth all that trouble. PLUS, I will be in drama next trimester at I will have something to do with my life, and I won't have any conflicts for drama rehearsals and performances. I guess God gave us all these complications because he didn't want me to be in this play, for whatever reason.

Right on.


Mel East said...

I am proud of you! can't wait in your school play! luv ya tons mel

Shannon said...

wow-- even MORE excited now to hear in a few months what God brought into your life this semester.

Shannon said...

heath-- could you show the boys my blog so they can see their band pictures and tell them the rest will be up on Sunday? i cant find their email addresses.

heather.christianne said...