Monday, February 12

Grease...You're the One That I Want

Sunday, February 11, marks a day that will go down in history. Zeinah + Heather + Melissa + Joanna + Danya + Sue Cripe + Grease You're the One That I Want (TV show) taping = WE GO TOGETHER.

We arrived at Melissa's house at 9:00- me decked out in a Greaser outfit (leather jacket, white shirt, skinny jeans, Converse), and Danya donning a fake satin poodle skirt Costume Castle cheap 50's outfit. Together we are Danny Zuko and Sandy. Everyone else arrives and we're off!

Now, us hardcore Grease fans need our nutrition. And what better place to get a good, healthy meal than the Golden Arches? After that hearty meal, we started down the highway of adventure, aka the 405 North. We jammed out to the Grease and Wicked soundtracks.

Before we knew it, we were at CBS studios, ready to claim our VIP seats. But. It is 12:00. And the VIP parking lot doesn't open until 2:15. So we venture of to the Grove, where we embark on many activities such as having a lingerie photo shoot in the dressing room of Victoria's Secret, falling in love with everything in Anthropologie, buying many great pieces in Forever 21, envying expensive purses, admiring a live Abercromie model, and eating hot dogs whilst Melissa chokes on hers.

Hark, it is 2:10. We head back to CBS studios, ready to party like it's 1959.

We then skip past the regular people line, reassuring security guards "we're VIP," and wait on the VIP benches. We find ourselves sitting next to Kennedy and Nicolette. Now. When you hear these names, you assume these people are bratty right? RIGHT. Because guess what? These satin jacketed, purse toting, breath-spray spraying, snobby, whiny, 11 year olds are just that. Although we did not talk to them, we could TELL. They did not even talk. They just sat. And looked pouty. Meanwhile, Sue chatted up a storm with their fake OC mom. Gag me.

We finally got past these wannabes and headed into the studio. We were in the front row. V. I. P. baby. The only downside was standing for 2 and a half hours. STRAIGHT. But it was all worth it.

First of all, let me inform you. There is a contestant on the show. Austin Miller. Danya is INFATUATED with Austin. She lives, breathes, and sleeps Austin Miller. He. is. her. hunkman. She is STARSTUCK. OVERLY STARSTRUCK. So, we are standing right where the stars do a lot of exiting and entering. i.e AUSTIN MILLER. So when the show starts, Austin Miller walks in. We SHRIEK. Danya thrusts out her hand to him, and he holds it for like 5 seconds and winks at her. She cries. I am not even kidding you. Danya cried. This went on throughout the taping. Whenever he was onstage during commerical breaks, she was like "AUSTIN!!!" Throughout the night he winked, waved, blew a kiss, and laughed ALL AT DANYA. She was floating on air. She even asked for his used tissue. He just looked at her like she was crazy. Which she was. Danya did not wash or touch anyone or anything for the rest of the night.

The night went on. I will just summarize the rest.

*Danya tried to sneak into Austin's trailer. She was not even joking. But then security started chasing her. So we leaped into the car and drove away.
*We went to Wood Ranch for dinner, and had the same waiter we had the last 3 show tapings we went to.
*We went to the bathroom in K-Mart. There were 2 toilets side by side. No stalls. What do YOU think we did?
*We met one of the Dannys for the show. The whole meet and greet was filmed for the guys MOVIE that's coming out. I talked to the camera, not knowing that it was going to be on a MOVIE. We had to sign release forms. So watch for me in the next year on a movie about Kevin saying "THIS MAN IS A HUNK. I LOVE HIM. HUNKMAN ON PATROL." The camera guy loved me.
*We jammed out on the way home...

February 11. A night to remember.

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Anonymous said...

Despite the overinvolvement, Danya has excellent taste. I'm in love with Austin too!