Wednesday, February 21


Whilst bowling, we encountered the following things.
-A rude front desk man. "Can we pay seperately?" "NO." "Can we make a shoutout over the intercom?" "NO. Store Policy. Ask the manager." "Can we have bumpers?" "NO. Bumpers are for small children and special needs." Well jeez man. Simma down now! We just wanted bumpers! Hence, we sucked the whole time. See next bullet.
-At least one gutterball every time someone took their turn.
-Hotties in lane 15.
-Delicious French Fries.
-We are going to start a bowling league.

First Game:
4th place: Rachel (3 points)
2nd place: Natalie and Melissa (37 points)
1st place: HEATHER! (43 points)

Second Game:
4th place: Rachel. 7 points. I think that's all that matters.

"To the hotties in lane 15. The cuties in lane one want to rendezvous with you at the front desk."


amy said...

ha ha i know now like a lot of people have them now hah

JessieBearr said...

lovley little girl, how did you get your about me picture!??

Mel East said...

omg how cute lovely! u r so funny I like your pics what background did u choose?

heather.christianne said...

jessie- i got my picture by putting one on photobucket, then when you update your profile, there is a place for "photo URL", and i put the URL in there. go on will help you!!

mel- i just chose a plain white background and changed the colors of the titles and stuff. then my sister made me my main title! she had to do it on photoshop and then do all these codes...but i know how to make a cute background if you want one!!!

amy- i love you. hoorah!

JessieBearr said...

i love the main title and know how to do it, but dont know where to post the code to get it on the top...hmm

tell her to get back to me



m.e.l.i.s.s.a said...


poncho said...

those are some sexy pictures!