Thursday, February 15

Fiddler Auditions...

Yesterday I tried out for Fiddler on the Roof. I thought I did really well...I sang my song perfectly, I read the lines really well, I smiled even though I totally messed up the dance....I was expecting a callback.

So today I called the number you call to find out if you got a callback (how many times is the word call in that sentence?), and...I didn't get a callback! I am just in the ensemble.

This was really hard for me, since I tried my BEST. Plus, I was expecting one, as rude as that sounds, because in my very first show with BYT (Cinderella), I got a lead! So, naturally, I was at least expecting a callback.

Oh well. I sincerely tried my best. God must have something in this for me. I just have to sit back and let him do his work. My plan may have been to get a callback and get a part...but I am just learning that though I may like my plan...

God's plan is a lot better.

I need to trust the Lord with ALL my heart. His plan for me is ensemble.

Remember... God makes no mistakes.

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Alanna Marie said...

very mature! I'm proud of you. We all need to learn that lesson, almost everyday for me.