Sunday, February 25

Childhood Memories Numero Dos

Heather Leith started reading when she was not yet three. So she would like to share with you some of her favorite childhood books. Although you may not care, you may relate to some of these memories.

HoneyBunny FunnyBunny. Oh. my. Lord. Although Heather doesn't remember what really happened in this book, she does remember the pictures and HoneyBunny's brother PJ. (the white one.)

The Story About Ping was pretty much young Heather's passion. I vividly remember the story. Ping was the yellow duck you see here. He had 8 aunts and uncles and 42 cousins and 2 sisters and 3 brothers or something to that extent. They lived on the Yang See river in a houseboat that had "wise old eyes." It's eyes were creepy. So they would venture out and do their thang in the day, and then the Chinese owner with a ponytail and a otherwise bald head would go "LA LA LA LA LEI!" and they would scurry up the ramp to the houseboat. But here's the thing. The last duck in would get spanked. I know. Intense. So one day Ping was last and he knew it, so he swam away in fear. Then this little Chinese boy attached to a barrel jumped out of a boat and captured Ping. He trapped him under a basket on his family's houseboat. They wanted to eat him. But the little boy said no and fed Ping rice cakes. Anyway, Ping got home, but that is a long story.

This is a classic tale about a little boy growing up, then his mom climbs into his window when he is an adult because she misses him. Then she is an old lady later in the story and there is this weird picture of the grown man/son rocking his old mother in a rocking chair. She is in the fetal position. It was pretty creepy, actually.

And of course. Waldo. I had three books and two puzzles. I think we can all relate.

Well, no one related to my DoodleBear post. But maybe some of you will know what I'm sayin' here.

What were your favorite childhood books?


Elise B. said...

lol i love all these stories...; especially funny bunny!

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poncho said...

o goodness such great memorize! i loved the "mouse and the BIG strawberry" it was quite an entertaining story and it gave me great passion!

poncho said...

o btw on the other comment i meant memories not memorize hehe oopsy