Tuesday, February 27

Top 10 Veggie Tales Episodes/Songs

10. Anything with Laura the carrot girl in it. Or the French Peas.
9. The one where there were two towns and one wore pots on their heads
8. The Grapes of Wrath ("We are the Grapes of Wrath, we never take a bath!")
7. The Water Buffalo Song
6. The Cebu Song
5. The Good Samaritan
4. The Cheeseburger Song
3. The Psychiatrist Blob Song where Larry thinks every blob is a lip.
2. The Spaceship Episode where the giant popcorn ball was attacking the ship
1. Larry Boy and the Big Fib

Veggie Tales is basically my passion. Oh. And I love the computer. (in Veggie Tales.)


rochelle said...

oh! oh! oh! oh! i like the one with the ummmm oh the hairbrush song!!!!! and the cheeseburger song it nice too.

FLOWERCHILD :] said...

that puzzles me.