Friday, February 9

Now I Know My ABC's

A-- Artist/Photographer/Sister: Shannon Leith
B-- Breakfast Club Character: The Criminal
C-- Crayon: Melon, Cornflower
D--Disney Movie: Monsters Inc. will always be in my heart. However, I do not think it's possible to have one answer for this question.
E-- Even Stevens The Musical Song: 6th Period
F-- Frozen Item: Mango Sorbet
G--Grandma Food: The Jello.
H-- Hedrick quote: "I usually attack first." "I would just throw something over the border."
I-- Item I own: Red digital camera
J-- Jam-out song: My Humps
K-- Kid's Television Show from When You Were A Kid:The Big Comfy Couch, Bananas In Pajamas. They never fail to please me.
L--Leith Tradition: Christmas morning quiche.
M-- Mispronounced Word: Milk. It is my pet peeve when people say "Melk." or "pellow"
N-- Necklace: My heirloom coin one.
P--Pick up Line: "Are you wearing Galaxy Pants? Because your butt looks out of this worrrrllldddd."
Q-- Quintessential Clothing Item: Long sleeved grey shirt. It solves all problems.
R-- Relaxation Method: Listening to Norah Jones, lying on the Big Comfy Couch, and drinking water.
S-- Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Line: "WHERE are the shampoos?" "But you don't meet the dragon or Princess Leah until Chamber 24!"
S (yes i know. 2 s's. but i must say my favorite...)--Seventh Graders: Philip and CJ.
T-- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Donatello. Hands Down.
U-- (Wet) Underwear Incident: Peeing on Rachel's Alphabet Mat.
V-- Very Fast Typer: Joanna Chiang
W-- Wicked Song: Defying Gravity
X-- Xenon Warrior Princess: Zeinah Kara
Y-- Yummy Cupcake Theme: Punxutawney Phil cupcake.
Z-- Zorro: Carter from Cinderella Story

Make up your own categories for each letter, and POSTPOSTPOST!

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Shannon said...

can i just tell you every day? you are seriously-- so so so witty and amazing. wow. your writing just pulls the reader in. LOVE IT! thanks for putting me as your A.

regarding my layout-- i can help you if you want. i just have a plain white background, and then i uploaded the title, which i made in photoshop.

rock on.