Sunday, February 4


I think these two pictures sum up the whole night. DunzDunz + ZZ + H'Thar = one amazing slumber party group. First we had an amazing meal of Sherman Patties, burnt mozzarella sticks, and a very eccentric salad made by Dunza. We then realized that fruit feels REALLY good on your eyelids. Try it sometime. After those festivities, we journeyed upstairs to browse the World Wide Web and puke at pictures of TayTay, Miki, Brooke + Justin, and Amber Marquez. It was great. Whilst Zeinah and I filled out a survey for Amber Marquez, Dunz drew us up an itinerary. Find it at Or click on "Dunza" on the left. I then wiggled into some Winnie the Pooh pajama bottoms of Danya's, then bounded downstairs, blankets and pillows in tow, to sleep in the living room. We popped in an amazing movie I like to call The Breakfast Club. Except. Danya fell asleep 10 minutes into it. Nonetheless, ZZ and I persevered. Breakfast Club = amazing. WE dozed off at midnight, although Danya was long gone.

Ahh, five o'clock in the morning. A time for peace. Rest. Sleeping. NOT a time to listen to Danya's mom's alarm clock BLARING Jessica Simpson's first album. I drowsily opened my eyes, and realized that this was not normal. "DANYA! DO YOU HEAR THAT!?" I scream-whispered. "Yes. It's my mom's alarm." Danya nonchalantly replies. Well. Danya's mom is apparently DEAF. Because the alarm is blaring, and i mean BLARING, for over an hour. Finally the CD starts skipping for about 15 minutes. We are now all awake, talking about our alarm clocks. And how we HEAR them. It FINALLY turns off after about an hour and 10 minutes. It was insane.

We finally woke up at about eight o'clock, wanting homemade waffles. Really bad. But Danya's mom was furious at us for asking. So. We had burnt toast, blackberries and strawberries, eggs, turkey bacon, and cookies instead.

To say the least, the night was phenomenal. Eccentric. Loud.Amazing.

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