Wednesday, March 12

pet peeve.

when people say "ek-scape."

umm, i'm pretty sure it's spelled ES-cape. There is no extra "c," because therefore it would be spelled ecscape.

anyone else with me here?


rachel kalei. said...

oh! mrs. kaplan says that!!!
oye vey. i hate it. and her.

rachel kalei. said...

oh and a reminder for you to bring the goods. and by goods i mean the enchiladas. and this isn't a reminder to you really, it is more directed towards me because i forgot that i had to make a cake. but then i remembered. i hope zeinah and melissa don't forget. becuase i will just be carying around a cake for no reason and now i am rambling. actually i was rambling like 5 minutes ago. okay i'll stop. i'm contemplating on wether or not i should post this comment. i will.

Katie said...

ha ha ha! reminds me of someone from school. =P