Sunday, March 23

i'm almost better...

when i went to the doctor today, my temperature was 101 degrees, i could barely walk, my eyes were pink, my nose was stuffed and runny, i was sneezing and get the gist.

well, my tests for mono, strep throat, and the flu all came back negative (hooray)
so i was put on antibiotics, some gross tasting liquid medicine, and eye drops.

i came home and was fatigued and about to puke.

but here's the thing.
as of now,
my nose is dry and un-stuffed.
my temperature is 98 degrees.
i am lively and can run up the stairs.
my eyes are pretty much white.
i only sneeze every so often.
my throat is still bad, but hey,

i may even be up to shopping at old navy tomorrow...
(their flats are to die for)


rachel kalei. said...

well i have an ear infection...

Megan said...

hope you're feeling better!!
i'm praying for you ;)