Monday, March 31

I'm Not Impressed, Party City.

So I need a maid costume for my play in drama.
Party City should work, right?


The costume section greets my mother and I with dozens and dozens of cardboard boxes filled with junk that really shouldn't be there. These boxes are obstructing half the costumes, and make us have to weave around the aisles, tripping all the way.

That's the first thing.

Second, everything was stuffed onto the racks and spewing on the floor everywhere. It looked like someone had robbed the place five minutes earlier...

Thiiiirdly, when we found some cheesey maid accessories but not the costume, I asked someone where the costume was. He walked away, talking over his shoulder, telling me that they only had slut French maid costumes.

So I told my mother this, and we agreed we should get in anyway and try to make it work. So we ask them to get it for us, and they take like 10 minutes in the back room, and then come out and tell us that they can't reach it, it's obstructed by boxes.

What? I think they need an organizer to help them out.
So we halfheartedly thank them, and go to the front to buy our accessories.

After waiting 10 minutes because the cashier kept making mistakes on the purchase she was doing, we finally started to buy our stuff.

The girl who was in the back room then comes and hands us a cheesy pink and black child's maid costume, so we buy it...we are truly desperate. (I need this costume for tomorrow)

Once in the car, we see that the costume is super cheesy (I'm talkin' cheap pink and black and hearts and a plastic headband), so we finally decide that my mom will return it later...

Tisk tisk, Party did not fulfill my costume needs.


Alli Hibb said...

Sorry, costume needs, you should call me. I would have told you to try Costume Castle (in Lake Forest) or Costumes Galore (in Orange)...

Katie said...

man, that is awful. when i had to dress up, i actually took some stuff from my wardrobe, but i had to sew a long skirt. i wish you luck, though!

Anonymous said...