Sunday, March 9

to buy on iTunes

+August Rush Soundtrack

+Taylor Swift
(even though i find her annoying)

+Sara Bareilles

+Dawn Landes

+Amy Seeley

+Yael Naim

(check her out, she's really good)


Anonymous said...

taylor swift.
bothers me.

isnt she liek the "country" girl with liek blonde hair?

-mel. c

heath(er) said...

yeah...but i like one of her songs.

donny said...

the august rush soundtrack is pretty good. i have it and like the "dueling guitars" (or something like that)track the best.

heath(er) said...

i love that song.

maybe you could burn me a CD? i would highly appreciate that.

Katie said...

sweet. i will check these out.

Anonymous said...

sorry, my cd case told me unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.