Wednesday, March 12

the day you have been waiting for!

dearest erin welcome...
here are two options.
pick whatever one you want or let me know what to change!

and katie. here's yours. i don't know if you like stars or if you are a more heart type of person... so let me know if you like it, because seriously, it's so easy to change, so don't be shy if you hate it.

aaaand elise. do you have maybe a faint idea of what you want it to say? or the colors, or font, or whatever? if you let me know what you want it to say, i can give you some options.

i like blog headers,


rachel kalei. said...

oh heather. you are a creative woman. i am envious.

Elise! said...

for colors, i like teal/green/brown or purple/grey/and whatever looks good on it.

maybe something like "keep your penny, my thoughts are free" with the "my thoughts are free part" in the small grey letters underneath the colorful ones, like yours... the only problem with that is its not original. but do you think you could maybe make that one for now and tweak once i am feeling a bit more creative? i totally understand if it takes a long time, and you only want to make one.

welcome.erin (: said...

how do you get on your own blog? haha can you tell me. (: thanks a bunch! xoxo ps i love it!

Katie said...

Thank you sooooooooooo much, Heather!!! I really appreciate it! =)