Thursday, March 27

cute picture.

every time we visit my cousins, we take a picture where we are all in a line in age order.
their first names all start with B, and their last name is Breakey (so funny).
i love this one.
i like how i edited the color to be so vibrant,
and we all look so classic.
  1. little bentley (on the end) is so tiny and pudgy
  2. i am so stone-cold
  3. bryson (next in line) looks like a pleased turtle
  4. carson looks like he is admiring a pretty bush
  5. beau's orange bowl cut
  6. jason's blonde puffy bowl cut and purple shirt
  7. well, brynn looks fine
  8. ryan is fake-smiling, and looks strained
  9. shannon has frizzy triangle hair
brilliant, brilliant.


rachel kalei. said...

my eyes traveled right to your [cute?] mushroom hair. it's unmistakable

heath(er) said...

that is NOT my mushroom haircut.

ill post a picture of it. it's worse, and definitely NOT cute.

Alli Hibb said...

It's so funny...the Leiths all look exactly the same now! (Well, better clothes and hair...but same faces)!

Katie said...

brilliant. that is funny to have a first name beginning with a B and having a last name that begins with a B!