Wednesday, March 12


here are two options...

whenever you "feel creative," let me know...making these are beyond simple.


Elise! said...

heather - thank you so so much for cooperating with my pickyness! i love them!

Elise! said...

what program do you use to make them?

ponch (: said...

Oh I like them, you are so creativee dearr ((:

Katie said...

i really like them!!! =)

Anonymous said...

hey heather, just wanted to ask..
what application do you use to make these headers?
are you using adobe?
or another application?

fzain said...

heather. can you please make me a header?
'eccentricity+absurdity+me; the equation of my life'
well, you can put any color that you think will be the most suitable.
and the fonts..whatever you like.
be sure it is colorful though.~
thanks :)

p.s i'm actually a silent

heath(er) said...

i use word, anonymous being.

and "fzain-" who are you??

Fenrisar said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

fzain said...

I'm from Malaysia.
Don't think you've ever heard of it.
Seeing Malaysia is at the other side of the Map.
Btw, you have a really neat blog~

heath(er) said...

i have most definitely heard of Malaysia, i am studying it right now.

fzain said...

have you??
i'm shocked.:)
Malaysia is such a small country..
What did you learn abt Malaysia?
one more thing,
can you make me the header?