Friday, March 28

Nine O'Clock Thoughts

>> Zeinah, you were just in my dream, and you were making us take you to Zack's diving meet when we were already really stressed.

>> I wish Spring Break was not almost OVER!

>> This morning Bree came into my room and went under my covers and was like darting around, it was super annoying.

>> She gets into her Stealth Kitten mode where she like leaps and darts around and looks at everyone suspiciously.

>> I wish they had AlphaBits in the United States. I am really craving them. (It's a cereal)

>> I read this story yesterday- a group of people were in a car accident, and one girl died and another was in a coma. The one family had a funeral and everything, and the other was by their daughter's side 24 hours a day. But then after about two weeks or something they realized that the identities of their daughters were switched- the one family's daughter was really the dead one, and the other family's daughter was alive! How crazy (and sad) is that!


rachel kalei. said...

the identity switch thing was a really long time ago but there's a dateline nbc episode tonight at 9. i'm recording it. i like you.

Katie said...

that's really crazy!!! but, it's very sad though.