Friday, March 21


"Why, Heather, it is 9:47 AM, how are you posting? Shouldn't you be at school?"

My response is NO!

I have Pinkeye, or some sort of eye infection that I shan't pass on to the school, which is why I am home alone all day! Oh, joy of joys!

I loved looking at my eye this morning and thinking- "Oh no, it doesn't look that bad, I'll have to go to school..." but THEN asking my mom to look at it and as soon as she saw it, she said "You're not going to school today." (YESSSS)

I love not going to swim practice.

I love being home alone.

I love waking up at 5:20 and then flopping back into bed and sleeping for three more hours.

I love being home from school, yet not being "sick."

I don't love having crusty eyes...

but the positives outweigh that. I'll have crusty eyes any day rather than swim practice and school.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed their day at school! (HAH)


Shannon said...

i'm sick too! and my eyes hurt too! maybe since we're sisters our dna gave it to us


heath(er) said...

most likely.

Anonymous said...

you poor pink-eyed girl. i'm sorry for your crusty eyes.

Katie said...

i do hope that u feel better, though.