Monday, March 24


I am now the owner of this little beauty. (the silver one)

I love it love it love it.
My dad surprised me with it randomly like a week ago, because my other one broke.
He also talked the Circuit City people into giving me a $160 gift certificate to compensate.

So anyway, I highly recommend this camera. It's a Canon PowerShot SD40 Digital Elph.
  • High quality images with vivid colors
  • Tons of scene and color settings
  • Tiny, easy to carry around
  • It has Color Accent, where you can choose one color and make the rest of the shot black and white
  • It had Color Swap, where you can change a blue shirt to a green one, for example
  • When you are looking at the pictures, if you rotate the camera, the picture will rotate along with it
  • You can edit videos and change the colors of still shots on the camera
  • There is a lot more, but you get the picture
  • Small LCD screen
  • Some functions hard to navigate- I hate to read the instruction manual extensively
  • I can't figure out how to focus on something really really close
Basically, this camera is amazing, and I looooove it!


jayy said...

AHH! (:
so exciiting man!!
i have a cannon with the same options and effects and i know them pretty well..
so if you need help, giive me a hollaah (:

Mattias Klang said...


You have got a nice blog. There is a problem though. I couldn't find any way to search your archive. It's annoying to manually go through several months. Please add aa search box to the layout of your blog. Here is a link to a ordinary search box that you can add to your Blogger layout.

How To Add Search Box

Mattias Klang said...

Hello again.

I saw that you put the search box on your blog. Great! I did a test and searched for Heather and it gave me a lot of results. This was what I wanted to have. A search box that one can use to search among older posts. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, what is a search box? How do you use it? Am I too old for this modern thing? I'm glad you have your own camera. You see your world in such a happy way and I'm glad I will get to see some of it too - when your camera starts clicking!!!