Sunday, January 6

Let's all embrace Ingrid Michaelson

The most beautiful singer there is.
Her songs are gold.
I was going to put her songs on my playlist, and annoy people by making it play when they come to my blog, but would that be annoying?

Her songs are literally, beautious. I listen to her CD at least once a day. Whenever I am on the computer. They are sooooooo great, with the best lyrics I have ever heard.

I don't know what else to say. I love her so much.

One of her lyrics is "I'd buy you Rogaine/When you start losing all your hair."

Thanks, Donny Hoover, for introducing her to me.
And thanks, Shannon Leith, for letting me put the CD onto my computer,
where it will be valued above all other artists.

This is her Myspace, for you Myspacers.


Donny said...

you are welcome, heather. i'm glad you dig her tunes. she's got another album that came out before "girls and boys." we'll have to find that one for you.

perhaps next time i come over, i will bring a new musical recommendation...

Anonymous said...

Great work.Really appreciable!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks a lot.