Friday, January 18

a very LATE upDATE

the awkward luncheon wasn't so awkward.

we sat with:

>>one picky eater boy who didn't like lettuce, condiments (even ketchup), lunch meat (except turkey), mexican food, chinese food, italian food, seafood...the list goes on and on and on.

>>a Spanish teacher who just came back from Argentina where she climbed ice mountains or something.

>>an asian kid who brings a tape player to school every day that has in it a Civil War sounds tape, and he re-enacts the Civil War, complete with sounds, pantomimes, whispered commands (GET DOWN!), sprinting across the quad, etc. Every day.

so, the lunch was interesting, so say the least.

and the food was DELISH. I'm talkin' Baja Fresh.

So, next time you go to an awkward luncheon, sit with interesting people and ask questions that require long answers.

[over and out.]


Maxdoggie said...

awesome! that actually sounds like fun, instead of awkward. ;)

joanna (: said...

by the way, civil war boy is ryan choye. i sit next to him in spanish.
you don't want to know.
truly though.