Wednesday, January 23

A Spectacular Poem, Written by Yours Truly.

(it was written on ali labelles wall on facebook- it is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Ali! Here's my present)

ali labelle
today is your day
hark, the 23rd,
i am in pleasent dismay.

for today is the day
you turn (18?)
i don't know your age
please, don't consider me Scene.

This poem is an effort
to take another route
from all the other Facebookers
Who on this Wall cry out.

I hope you appreciate
my valient attempt
Singing off with gusto,
Heather Leith (my hair is unkempt.)


Maxdoggie said...

that's sounds really good! i wish i could come up with a poem...

joanna (: said...

valiant is spelled wrong!
thought you'd like to know

donny said...

are lines 10 and 12 from stanza 3 pronounced "root" and "oot" ? (like a canadian)

cause that would be great.