Monday, January 28

sweet sweet little baby

(sidenote: i call bree baby. i practically never call her bree. that confession looks bizarre written down)

last night, bree slept in my room with me.
but every half hour, she decided to purr loudly
and rub her face against mine
and turn around and around on my stomach
and flop down on it
and massage it with her paws
and caress my face with her paw
and stick her face in front of mine
and be really cute
but really annoying.

having a little kitten is so great.
(and i hate cats)


Shannon said...

that must be what its like to be married

mkr mouse said...


kitties must never need to sleep, or maybe they hibernate?

Maxdoggie said...

lol. i wondered it kittens ever go to bed. guess not. =P

Reggie said...

i wish kittens stayed kittens!


Reggie said...

hey hey!
thanx for answeing my questions on rachels blog!!!