Wednesday, January 30

i think now's the time...

to explain the leith family teams.
we have two teams in the leith hierarchy.
[brownies.] and the {blondies.}
these teams share
personality traits,
birth seasons,
et, cetera.
--the brownies--
members: shannon, carson, dad.
birth time: fall, late in the month.
physical traits: brown hair, brown eyes. boring.
personality traits: thoughtful, logical, boring, analytical, sensible, quiet at times. (see above)
weird quirks: we once witnessed shannon and carson make the EXACT same sandwich (down to which side the items were on) without looking at each other or meaning to.
most likely to: read homer, plato, and sophocles for fun.
summary: they are boring and lame.
--ohhh, the blondies--
members: heather, ryan, jason, mom. (strength in numbers.)
birth time: spring or summer, early in the month.
physical traits: blonde hair, blue or green eyes.
personality traits: fun, carefree, exciting, spontaneous. (see above)
weird quirks: can't think of any right now. but it's definitely NOT making creepy clone sandwiches.
most likely to: DO SOMETHING FUN.
summary: we are fun and fun and exciting and not lame.


Jordan said...

Oh Heather, this makes me smile (:

Maxdoggie said...

ha ha ha! Loved the creepy clone sandwich thing. =)