Sunday, January 6

Newly Edited 14th Birthday Pictures

Awww, I love these sooo much. I just re-edited my favorites. Heeeere they are.
hello, little spiderman boy.

rachel styffe, always a model.

in all of these, at least one of us looks ugly.

AHHHH i love my friends.


Anonymous said...

gorgeousss i had the 3rd to last one as my background for a while.

ponch (: said...

sooo cuteee! oh and i must say, i love your "about me" picture. gorgeous darlingg. (:

Maxdoggie said...

awesome! looks like u guys had fun. lol. rachel styffe posing in the picture!

rachel styffe said...

LEATHER I WANT TO KILL YOU! Take these pictures off right this instand lil missy! PLEASE! I BEG YOU! I look awful! :( This is makes me really sad. at lease you look gorgeous- as always. :D

Anonymous said...

rachel styffeeeeee! you do not look bad! you look gorgeous! im the one that looks gross.

Anonymous said...

yeah. styffe. do not fret.
i look like i come form zorg. whic isnt too far from the truth.... but still the candid faces awkward poistions genius lighting colorful backgrounds = love.
im being invaded with squiggles right now guys.