Wednesday, September 17

i wasn't funny at my audition.

reasons i don't care:
  • most don't make it as sophomores. last year there was one. and about 30 kids auditioned.
  • according to sautner, most people are not funny at auditions.
  • there is lots of hope for junior year
  • sautner knows me and how funny or not i am, so its not all based on the audition
  • i wasn't HORRIBLE. i just made very few funny jokes. i know that i can do better, but whatever. i don't want to overthink and overanalyze and dwell on everything. i just wanted to inform you, my lovely readers, what happened.
basically, i'll be really excited if i make it, since there is only 2 spots for sophomores and its reallllly hard to get on the team.

but if i don't make it, i will seriously have no problem. the odds are against me and i have two years left to make it. so we're all good.


rachel kalei. said...

you're beautiful.

love, steven lo and rkp<3333333

Katie said...

i hope that u get the spot!!!