Wednesday, September 3

tidbits from the conversation going on in the other room

"oh, is that the boyfriend?"
"that's the boyfriend."
"you messed up, levi!"
"well that was the time when barrack was on drugs."
"that's really scary in alaska."
"do you think sarah palin got a facial?"
"oh, this is a big deal for her."
"oh, no."
"oh, yes."
"i wonder how many outfits she tried on before walking on that stage."
"start strong, girl, start strong."
"i like that little wink."
"i'm piper! or is she bristol?"
"that's bristol."
"yeah, that's bristol."
"they've got some unusual names..."
"yes. thank you."
"i think she just got all the democratic special needs parents voters..."
"a little twang action..."

the republican convention makes for funny comments.
thanks for the entertainment, parents plus parent's bible study!


Wife and Mom said...

This is so funny. You've become one of my favorite blogs btw.

David said...

the politacal conventions both make for my dad taping them and therefore not letting me watch TV
and by the way, woah now i am definitely more excited than you about Saturday
because i am in like with you

Katie said...

ha ha ha!