Monday, September 22

i strongly dislike

when people freak out about miniscule things.

example: our school doesn't have lockers at the moment. long story. not really. but let's move on.
so my math teacher shows us pages from the book for our homework on the projector.
so this girl decided to move to the next page, and then half the class started screaming, "WAIT! MOVE IT BACK UP! LAURA! STOP!"

i literally had to calm the class down. i was like "guys, seriously, we'll all be fine, it's just the homework. let's all calm down."

example two: in english, we were copying notes from the overhead, and the teacher moves it down. again, people start screaming, "AAAHH! WAIT! I WASN'T DONE!"

come on, guys. everything's going to be okay. let's all just stay calm.

example three: my physics teacher said an answer to a problem wrong. immediately everyone goes "HUH? WHAT? THAT'S NOT WHAT I GOT..."

people. we'll be fine. just raise your hand.

okay, one more example: again, in physics, mr. hamilton was calling each person's name and asking if they wanted to hear their test score. everyone was saying no, and apparently that angered 75% of the class, because they all started talking loudly at once: "OH, COME ON. JUST SAY YES. NO ONE CARES! COME ON!"

again, i had to calm the class down. "guys, let them be, let's just move on. it's saving time, anyway. please. calm yourselves. let's all be friends."
it worked. they stopped.
this happens a lot, where everyone is loudly arguing about some insignificant topic.

i am seriously the mediator in every one of my classes.
it's a great outlook on life: seriously, guys, we'll be fine. let's just calm down and all be friends.


Katie said...

i have got so many stories about such unimportant things like that. It's like really annoying! Anyways, it great to be the mediator in class, because I remember one time a girl came up to my and told me that she couldn't believe how mature I was. ;P

ali said...

you wanna know why that happens? you're in honors classes. i had to deal with the same kind of kids.

Shannon said...


there's a book called Strengths Finder.

I took the test that comes with it, and one of my top 5 strengths is Harmony.

I bet it's yours too. Because. The essence of it is that you don't like conflict--- you just WANT EVERYONE TO BE FRIENDS!


it turns out mom and dad had two of the same girl who only differ in hair-color, and----you're funnier than i am.

Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

Seriously! Tell 'em girl

Sidney said...

way to be a peace maker Heather.