Thursday, September 4

first day of school!

sophomore year.
here i come.
how's that for epic?

oh, you want to see past first days of school?
take a looksie here.
for the record,
here is the first day of freshman year,
so that you can compare and contrast.
or, i can compare and contrast for you.
i'll just point out some obvious ones...
-longer hair
-waaay taller
-a lack of jason
-oooh, we switched to a bag rather than a backpack
-carson looks way more ready this year. he's a senior. he'll rock it.
-i also look way more ready, compared to last year, where i am saying "hi, i'm a freshman and i'm READY to conquer high school." but now it's like "whateva, i'm a sophomore, i do what i want." not really though.
-my face just looks completely different.

okay. i'm tired. and i have a 100 question english test tomorrow.
so i'll stop there.


ali said...

this is great. i heart the leith family.

Wife and Mom said...

This is so funny! Well, not funny but fun to look at. haha

rachel said...

oh heather. you make my heart filled with warm fuzzies!

Katie said...

u have such a cute outfit!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Happy first week of school. Thanks for an updated picture of you-two. You're both the best! love ya, GR MA