Thursday, September 25

i have tons of homework, but i MUST share this.

it's 7:30 PM. it's dark and dangerous. too dark and dangerous for a clueless, awkward boy scout to be knocking on doors.

yet one just knocked on mine.
i answered.
and this is what happened:
(heather opens door. there is a boy scout standing there, looking down. he hears me open the door and immediately starts examining his manila folder and his sales chart. he doesn't speak. i contemplate in my head: does he expect me to initiate the conversation? he's the one who knocked. what am i supposed to do? "hi, what do you need?" no, i think inside my brain, he can initiate this conversation. meanwhile, boy scout has been standing there for at least five long seconds, examining his sales chart. and then finally, abruptly...)

Boy Scout: Hi, I'm selling popcorn for Troop 727.
Heather: Oh! ........(waiting for him to say, "Would you be interested in purchasing some?)
Boy Scout: (Silent. Looks at me. Examines his popcorn sales sheet again. More silence. I relish in his awkwardness. After five seconds...) Parents home?
Heather: No, sorry.
Boy Scout: .............................Oh. Okay. (he turns around and walks away)
Heather: ....Okay.....good luck!
Boy Scout: Thanks.

I still don't get it.
Why didn't he talk?
HE knocked on MY door.
Where were his polite sales tactics?
Dear Boy, I hope some people buy your popcorn. You seemed nice.


Jordan said...

Heather, this post made me laugh. I love awkward girl/boy scout children, they make my day

Katie said...

awww... that's very cute! i use to be a girl scout and i was a very good salesperson. ;)

Sidney said...

awk to the ward! ( i stole that phrase from meg btw ) I love little boy scouts, they are so funny.

m • d i z z l e™ said...

no. way!!!
This happened to me yesterday!!
The boy scouts must be planning a massacre or something.
What a conscidence.