Friday, September 7

The First Day...

of my life
of preschoolof kindergarten
(my favorite Apple Dress and saddle shoes)of second grade-right when we moved here.
of third grade (admire the rolling backpack.)
of sixth grade
of seventh grade
of eighth grade
of high school!how was it, you ask?
*i love my drama teacher
*science will be boring, joanna and i aren't even lab partners.
*i have tons of homework already
*i hate not having my own set of books at home
*i saw carson 4 times
*i saw jason zero times
*i want to do a sport to get out of p.e., the thing is, i am not good at anything...
*i haven't learned one word of spanish after two days
*i love my locker location
*all of my teachers are old
*cheerleaders are super annoying
*as are football players
*rachel patla for president
*high school isn't that exciting.
*too many people dye their hair blue, pink, green...
*i'll have to figure out how to make boring classes with no friends exciting...
*i wish i was back at RSM.
*but Trabuco isn't that bad.


rachel kalei. said...

7th grade heather is a little mortifying. but you look SOOO pretty in the last picture.

but i have to confess something. I love hearing Colbie Calliat as much as the next person. but when i am trying to concetrate on matt kearney's haunting lyrics, and i visit this page, with bubbly piercing my soul,


just to let you know.


rachel kalei. said...

i was going to wear a coral shirt for the first day too! but i decided not to. we could have been twinsies. and that would be embarrassing. so i'm glad i didn't

Anonymous said...

yeah but rachel i was literally thinking about wearing the same shirt as heather that maroon one. its the same just different colors. and i got in the car with her and was like. im reallly glad i didnt wear that. how embarrassing would that have been.

- sporty spice, mel.c

Marta :] said...

heather you look absolutely amazing in the last picture, and your green dress is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

well, i happened to see a certain Sienna Kelly wearing that shirt in barbie pink when i was in the wrong Englasio class.

but Heather, you really do look gorgeous in the last too. and the first one. is that your mom holding you and making a REALLY weird face?

just curious

Shannon said...

the preschool one is KILLING me.
oh my gosh.

heatherleith! said...

no, that's not my mom. its my great aunt i think

joanna (: said...

oh, heather.
i love your ensembles.

danya said...

your aunts face in the first picture...amazing.

Jordan said...

oh my gosh, you look SO different every single year, I'm not even kidding.

but cute...yes I'll give you that. you were and are so cute in all of those years!

I'm sorry high school isn't so exciting for you :(