Wednesday, September 17

thanks for ruining my post, stomach!

i was just about to put together a post that would have looked like this:

"this is weird. why am i not hungry at 7:30 PM? all i have had today is a bagel, quaker mini delights, and two bites of a granola bar before my audition that i was too nervous to finish. 

this is so unlike me. heather leith is a synonym for can't-go-an-hour-without-eating. why am i not hungry? what has happened to this world?"

but then i got really hungry once i sat down at the computer. so while i waited for this page to load, i went and ate a hard-boiled egg (which fills you right up, i am pleased to say) and so now i'm back to not hungry.

well, now that i've composed a pointless post...
i'm gonna go.