Sunday, September 14

(mace)DON(ia) SKOP(je) BELIEVIN'...

I now know the location and capital of every country in europe.
and I'm dang proud.
I would like to thank my mother and Dominic for being my tutors,
and pneumonics for helping out in my time of need by providing me clever ways to remember capitals,
such as the above, for Skopje, Macedonia.
or, for the order of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia...
Parents Can't Spank Happily, Sir.
(Warsaw Prague Bratislava [there are brats in slovakia] Bucharest Belgrade)

Or, for Ljubljana, Slovenia, my mother thought of letters being jumbled together slovenly.
yeah. we rock.

oh, pneumonics, i really appreciate you.


Alli Hibb said...

This is hilarious. YOU are hilarious...Good job.

I remember my 7th grade History class, I did the same thing to memorize the differences between China and Japan.

Katie said...

good job! =D =D