Sunday, February 24


i love new headers.

if you want one

let me know.


Anonymous said...

even though i never blog.
i dont even bothering considering becuase my header is embarrassing.
so i propose you help me with one heather leith!
-mel. c

heath(er) said...


what do you want it to say?

elise.marie☮ said...

ohh i want one! yours are so cutee. i really like the colors.

Katie said...

your header is so CUTE!!! i wish that my was cute, 2. how do you make one???

Jordan said...

I would love one, if you don't mind (: But please take your time

welcome.erin (: said...

ohhh i want one! can it say little miss sunshine! and then like sunny yellow things (: please!

Reggie said...

i'd like one...
i'm sure for leaving this comment i'll be verbally bashed by your friends, hahaha but who cares!
I just want it to say "A Taste of the Good Life" with pretty things around it and stuff...yeah i just want it to be cool!
thanks, and if you don't want to its fine


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