Tuesday, February 12

I just found this comment on a past post

Well, we all know that my grandma is the coolest. (duh)
We also probably all have seen one of her amazing comments that she periodically posts (which I appreciate so much).
And I just discovered one on the "8 lists" post.
And here it is:

"Hi Heather, how about a list of your favorite relatives - and maybe I would finally be on one of your lists??? love ya GRA MA" (you know you love the spelling of grandma. i do.)

So, here it is grandma:

My Favorite Relatives:
1. Grandma Marilyn
2. Grandpa Alf
3. All of my cousins (Katie, Kelsey, Brynn, Beau, Bryson, Bentley, Kailey, and Maxwell)
4. Uncle Mike
5. Uncle Phil and Aunt Tammy
6. All of the rest

There you go, grandma. You and Alf are my favorites.


jayy said...

when is my love dying her hair? (:

Anonymous said...

Interesting post +1

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather, you're the best. Thanks for putting me on some list anyway and this list is very good to be on. I'll pass the good news on to the others on it! Love ya!


heath(er) said...

jess- when my parents decide to let me.

grandma- no YOU are the best, by far.

heath(er) said...

oh, and grandma- just tell everyone they were ON the list, so they aren't sad if they are number five or whatever.
because truly, they are all equal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, just being on your list is an honor - thanks. You are on my list, too, but it's not published yet cause I don't know where to do it! love ya, gr ma