Sunday, February 17

i feel like i have a stroke.

i can barely move my face.
my mouth opens a half an inch.
my face resembles a shiny basketball.
i have watched TV for the past three days.
i have iced my face twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off constantly.
i have been babysat by my dedicated friends melissa and rachel while my parents were gone.
my diet has consisted off applesauce, jello, juice, ice cream, noodles, yogurt, smoothies, and anything else that can be swallowed without chewing.
i sit wrapped in a blanket, only getting up to go to the bathroom and rinse my mouth out with saltwater.
i take vicoden every 4 hours, which causes me to fall asleep while trying to change the channel.

[these are the joys of wisdom teeth]


Shannon said...

you sweetie!
aww, i love you.
feel well soon, please

jayy said...

feel better miissyy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, if I were there I would be so glad to be your NURSE! Sounds like you need one! It will only get better. I didn't think this would be so bad for you! sorry!!!! love ya GR MA

Freshman Freak said...

ohhh heather it sounds like your in a bit of pain.. i am praying for your mouth but just think of how beautiful you will look when all this is said and done. (:

Katie said...

awww... heather, i wish that i could be there to nurse ya! i pray that you will feel better soon!!!

donny said...

i know how you feel.

Erin said...

Dearest Heather,
I am currently sitting in my 4th period Beginning Finance Something Something (I don't even know what the class is called) and I read this and laughed outloud. The girl next to me was like "What?" But I contiued to laugh. I am so sorry, I had my wisdom teeth removed last year and I feel your pain. Literally. I had 6 pulled out. So I feel your pain plus two. I am quite sorry :( Feel better, little miss!

Fedred Blackworker said...

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