Wednesday, February 20

the cerebral cortex & amish people

so i have to do a research speech for english.
on anything i want.
soo, the question that is constantly on my mind is...
what should i do it on??
it must be something interesting and (maybe) fun,
because we'll be working on this for like a month.
so it must keep me entertained.
some possible options:
Amish people.

Why are they Amish?
How do they live every day?
What can and can't they do?

et cetera.



[[But not like neurons and diagrams and stuff]]

I read this article in National Geographic on this woman who remembered everything. Example: If it was February 20th, 2008, and it was 3:12 PM, she can remember exactly what she was doing that exact time and date for the past like, 30 years. Like, "Oh, I was out to lunch at Subway with my dad in 1995."
But also, there was this old man whose memory wiped out every 5 seconds.
He had NO short-term memory.
So I think these aspects of memory are super-interesting.
So that's an option.

But I want to like discover this perfect topic that is not
science-y and is interesting and thrilling and I love it.

Any ideas? Thoughts on Amish people or memory?
i am not like expecting any magical suggestions because my question is so broad. but if YOU could do a speech on anything, what would YOU do? you never know, one of you may think of something brilliant.


ali said...

well, if you do it on memory then you can borrow my psychology has TONS of cool stories and explanations like that. and i've watched a couple videos and stuff on it, so i've got some resources, girl :)

heather said...


Kelly said...

I like your idea on Amish people...I think that'd be really interesting. I'll keep thinking, though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Did you ask your Mom about Amish? When she was in Jr. High we were in Pennsylvania more than once. We followed horse and buggys with Amish families in them and went by Amish farms that were beautiful, but they had NO power going from the road to their houses! Amazing.....GR MA Hope you are feeling alllllll better!

Katie said...

I like the idea of studying the Amish people! Why not try that?

Kayla.Rae said...

Oh! Go with Amish people! I am going to eat dinner with some Amishians (?)
this week!